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Saturday, July 31, 2010

on being 35

Well well....
here we are July 31...its my big 35!!!

I'm in Ohio right now probably raiding Hobby Lobby, eating a Panera Bagel, or relaxing in the pool with a beverage.


on that note..I thought I would add some random things I've learned in my 35 years and some things that I need to remind my self of from time to time...

Now some of this is touchy feelie..I am NOT a touchy feelie person so bare with me....there may be F bombs but hey....this is MY blog..if you don't like it..please don't read

There is nothing that compares to my love for my children..I never understood this until I had two of my own...when I think about my kids...my heart swells..

my husband really is my best friend ..I don't need to gush all over him in public for him to know this

You need to do what makes you Happy...Happy wife Happy life right!

You need to know when to say NO...sometimes enough really is enough.

there is a fine line between supporting someone and enabling them

Having a few grey hairs is actually Cool....

its important to take the time to be THANKFUL for what you have...there will always be someone who has more money, a bigger house, more more more...but there are alot of people who have far less...sometimes you need to pull your head out of your ass and remember that!

"if you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down"- Toni Morrison

there really is such a thing as too much coffee

I will only apologize if I actually mean it

the past really is the past..you can only learn from it

Don't ask for an opinion if you really don't want to hear one....

I acknowledge my inner Bitch and I embrace it...I'm Irish and a Leo...'nuf said

I am not embarrassed that pretty papers and fabric make me giddy

sometimes I have to put myself in time out for bad behaviour...

Being a friend should not suck the life out of you..it should breathe life into you, if its too much effort..its not true friendship

There is such a thing as doing something JUST to be nice...without expecting something in return..it feels great...you should try it...

Some people really ARE just ASSHOLES

Some people really DO need a kick in the head

the laundry will STILL be there tomorrow.......your family might not be

I will not apologize for the way I feel about things...I will give myself permission to feel however I feel and I will STOP criticizing myself

I have made MANY mistakes, but learning from them has made me who I am and I really believe I'm better for it.

Always kiss your kids goodnight..although my 16 year old thinks I'm bat shit crazy

Admit when you are wrong..own up to things, dont act like a little bitch..its really annoying

I still don't know what I believe when it come to the "higher power" I am a true agnostic..and YES there is a BIG difference between atheist and agnostic.

You really CAN'T be all things to all people

Don't go to bed angry....I'm working on this one.....

saying FUCK really is cathartic

I am not a size 4 anymore but I really honestly DON'T care..If it bothered me that much..I'd be at the gym, not munching on red licorice and blogging

I have alot of quirks, I am a weirdo, I am random...but I know who I am

Well I think that's a start...I'm resolving to do more reading,more yoga, and more journalling(not on layouts) but in general..
sometimes I have so many thoughts in my head, I feel like it might explode....gotta get them out somehow

"out damned spot"- Lady MacBeth

Thanks for bearing with me on this one........

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

go fly a kite...

Hey ya'll

I've missed the last few week's of Challenges over at the cards blog BUT I knew I just had to play this week..

The theme is kites--yep love it..



I actually used a scrap fronm Lola's quilt and just sewed it into a kite .

I used my BFF's idea with the sentiment-she doe sthis all the time and I love it!!

Thanks for peekin'

LRW Christmas in July

its ONLY Wednesday......
This week's challenge is Christmas in July..good stuff...get a jump on those Christmas cards..


So..I decided to use a Bella image that I LUUUURRRRVVVE..
my copics have been neglected as of late so I figured I better use them before I forget...

Bellarific Friday is also Christmas so ha...2 challenges checked off my list!

Go have a look on the LW blog and see what the girlfriends came up with

Thanks for peekin

Monday, July 26, 2010

Strawberry Bag

Hey there...Its Monday..

Like I said yesterday..I did a bit of sewing....

I saw this adorable strawbery bag on the fresh figs blog and looooved it.
I actually adapted a pattern I already had and then just "messed around" with it to make it work

I made this little bag for Lola's friend's birthday...Hope she likes it

Thanks for peekin'

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Hop...office supplies....

I almost forgot about the blog hop...
i've only missed one so far...

I am childless so I took a couple minutes to make these...


I decided to use some paperclips I had in my stash..they already had embellies on them-they were old and FUGLY so I just ripped that crap off and started again.
I figured I can use these to hold my sewing patterns together...

Well that it thats all....enjoy the blog hop

embellish..welcome to the neighbourhood

Hello all!!
What a whirlwind weekend...i've done a bit of sewing..i'll post that later
Today I am cleaning the hot mess that is my craft room..bwhahaha
anyhoo..I've been meaning to do this challenge for a while so I accomplished that this morning..


I used some American crafts--and this DELISH cotton ric rac I get at a local quilt store...

Super simple card but I wanted the ric rac to shine so hope I accomplished that..

I am giddy with excitement for TRUE BLOOD tonight..
OMG can't wait!!!

Thanks for peekin'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

happy Birthday Joanne

Happy Saturday...
whew.... I'm beat...that yard sale was crazy!!!
I'll be updating with the leftovers...can you beleive people didn't jump on the Papertrey?????
This is a little birthday gift I made for Joanne-it was her "29th" birthday this week....


I included some lovely little pedicure gooodies inside the bag
Thanks for peekin..
.hopefully I'll find some mojo this week.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

LSC #102 miss you

Wow, what a week....

Maria chose this week's colours...apparently I cant read..I used brown in place of black..oooopsie..
I made this card with my Loonies in mind...I miss them...
lets see who else cheated

Thanks for peekin'
Tonight is our YARD SALE...rain or shine..we'll move it inside if its still raining.....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

we will weather the storm together

Hey there....this week is almost over!!!

I've been super busy gathering items for my scrapy yard sale..ooooohhhwweeeee,
I've got a Piles of PTI sets, PILES of Quickutz full fonts and dies, EPIC 6 tools-NEW, Lots of CHF stamps, Misc. stamps like American Crafts, even a few spellbinders dies that need a new home...


Here's a card I made based on this week's 2S4u challenge....


I used yummy crate combined with my Lawn Fawn stamps...

I am so IN LOVE with Lawn Fawn-so fresh!!

If you are local and are looking for some REALLY CHEAP great crafts stop by 771 Angler Way Waterloo on Friday from 6-9...we even have some giveaways!!!

Have a great day and thank's for peekin

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LRW...case a girlfriend

Happy Hump day.....
Its my week for the LRW challenge!!!
I chose to case a girlfriend-we have so mant great samples I thought it would be great to case one....

Here is mine...isn't this little Mavis a cutie patootie???
I used my Prismas-love those things!!

I chose to copy this card of Joanne's...

Go have a lookie at what the other ladies did-links are on my sidebar!!

Sweet Lil Princess

Hey there...

Havent been very crafty lately--

I am in the process of building a massive stash for my CRAFTY YARD SALE on Friday night....so if you are local...it will be SO worth your while to pop over..lots of dies, PTI stamps, CHF. Bellas..oooh the list is ever growing!!

I coloured this image a while ago..is this not the cutest little dress??


I used this week's sketch from Get Sketchy..nice and simple..LOVE it

Thanks for peekin

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a very late Bellarific....

busy weekend....

went to the beach, played with some horses and donkeys, rode my bike.(ouch my bum)

sorted a TON of stuff for my scrappy Yard sale....


this week Bella had a sketch...Love a sketch...uh-huh

Thanks for peekin'

Friday, July 16, 2010

LSC 101 little sweet pea

Well..its Friday

It's official...Dee has gone and lost her ever-lovin' mind with these colours

She figured since she was miserable-being all hot and pregnant-she'd make us girls suffer with her colour picks......evil biaaatch...


NOW...I actually like this combo-except for the PURPLE...LOL

I'm in need of baby cards...

Go have a look at who cheated this week.....






Thanks for peekin'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2S4U Hello Sunshine


Just popping in quick with my 2S4U card..


I used some Echo Park on this one finally used my chunky glitter ..hmmm not a fan..I had to mod podge it.....

Thanks for peekin'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LRW Trees

Hello Hump day.....

This week's Avril Chose Trees as the theme...I had a card all ready to go...then I got a happy email from cards picking it up for their December 2010 issue

Guess I gotta make a new one huh....

I decided to go with a little used set- my Gela-a tins sheltering tree..I really love the simplicity of these images...


I kept it really simple with a woodgrain backgound and some embossing

Go pop on opver to the LRW blog and play along..

Thanks for peekin'

Monday, July 12, 2010

More pincushions.....

Ha...not the same though....

I've been looking on Etsy alot, I wanted a wrist pincushion...comes in handy..seriously...

So..I found a few but then I thought...DUh..I gonna make one..


I used some great wool felt I found at a local quilting store...best deal EVER...

$1.75 for a fat quarter...score!!

I used my nesties and tought myself the blanket stitch..tada...

yes there are two...I couldnt NOT make one for Dee....

Thanks for peekin'

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I laugh everytime I hear the word superstar..I think of Molly Shannon...

Here's a card I made for the Finding inspiration from a layout challenge over at Moxie Fab...check it out here

I decided to use my new Unity stamps...so retro--I nearly died when I saw them......
I thought they went well with some Sassafras...what do you think??
Thanks for peekin'

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Quilt

Hey there!!

We finally have a break from the extreme heat..whew!!

Here is a baby quilt I made for Lola's Daycare provider who just had the CUTEST little boy!!



I am loving the rag quilts..so easy...I used Moda make life for this one...

I'm off to take a class to teach me how to sew with a pattern..


I can't follow a pattern to save my life..I just "wing it"

Thanks for peekin'

Friday, July 9, 2010

LSC 100........monochromatic

I can't believe that we have made it to 100 challenges..
I know I've really enjoyed doing these...getting to know each of my Loonies better and better!!
I may know them a little too well after last week...LMAO
This week's pick was mine...I thought I go with a ONE theme being this is the 100th post!!

I did however say you could use white or ivory too--
just so CHAR wouldn't habve a heart attack!!!

Go have a look at the other ladies and see what they came up with!!
Thanks for peekin'

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lets get togther

Hey there...

Its been a LOOOONG time since I did a CPS sketch so I thought I'd give one a try...
I've been hibertating inside..waaaaaaay to hot out!!


I used my Lawn Fawn alphabet (swoon) and some new American Crafts I picked up over the weekend!!

Come on back tomorrow for Loonie Stampers

Thanks for peekin'

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


its a steamy steamy hot Wednesday
its time for another LRW challenge.
This week Carolyn chose Nestabilities..well I rarely make a card without these little lovelies so easy peasy!!

I used my new image from MFT that I got from WENDY...is she not JUST adorable and note...the WAGON...(snort)
Anyhoo..go have a lookie at what the other ladies did and play along-just click the links at the sidebar..
Thanks for peekin'

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

B is for boy

I had a bit of an itch to do something last night
(actually I was hiding in the air conditioning)
it is hot as HELL..literally

I made this quick little card.

I used this week's sketch from 2S4U


I am loving the new We R collection...you will be seeing more of this for sure!!

I used this scallop stitch that I was brave enough to attempt on my sewing machine..LOL

Thanks for peekin

Sunday, July 4, 2010

make it KRAFTY

Happy Monday!!..
not really ..can you tell im just tickled pink to be back at work?

Anyoo..its my week for the layout challenge over at 2friends...



I saw a tone on tone layout (cant remember where??) and love it so thats my challenge..using kraft

I love this photo of my Mom's Poitiou Donkeys-they are grooming eachother..how sweet

Thanks for peekin

pincushions for my Loonies...

Hey ya!!

Just popping in to show you some cutie little things I made for our annual LOONIE gathering....

OMG we had SUCH a blast..lots of late nights...lots of shopping, I'm soo tired...


Anyhoo, I used some jam jars and made these for each of the girls...

Thanks for peekin'

Friday, July 2, 2010


hey y'all

Its LSC time and we are ALL together.... yes all 6 of us!!!!


We have an action packed 5 days together, shopping, ECLIPSE,shopping...bwhahahaha
Char picked this week's challenge..can't ever have too many thank you cards...
that is assuming you give any away....
Go have a lookie at what the other Loonies did.....
Stay tuned for next week's LSC..its the big 100 and we might just have a little sumpin to giveaway!!

Thanks for peekin'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July DT reveal

Its the first of the month so Im posting my DT reveal for Two Scrapbook Friends
I got a super cute kit of My Little Shoebox..so fun...

The first layout actually has journalling...gasp...its my FAV Faith No More song..Midlife Crisis..pretty appropriate...


Well thats all I've got for ya...
Thanks for peekin'