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Saturday, December 11, 2010

DONE..whoot and a couple cozies

project raw edge quilt is finished..I luuurve it!!
here's a close up of one of the sqaures and my binding

here's the back..nice organic flannel

and another pic of the squares...


I even made a couple coffee cozies for Lola's teacher and Teacher assistant to go along with their treats!!

Today we are going to my work's kids X-mas party..should be fun!!

oooh..and the Cricut mag sneek just happens to feature lil old MOI!!..
he he

Thanks for peekin'


Daniela said...

Love the quilt!!! Love it!! Want it!

Avril Tanner said...

This turned out just amazing!!!

Deanna said...

It is beautiful girl and even more amazing in person.

Rosanne said...

Its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea...what if you make more, charge a little somein somein and then sell them to your freinds then ship them or maybe someone might have fly and pick them up!!! I know, great idea hey!

shelby said...

Quilt ~ fantastic

Cozies...where do I place my order and can I have 2 by Friday? ;P

Charlene Austin said...

LOL at Wendy's comment. But true!

Seriously you are the biggest most fantastic DO-ER I've ever known in my life. The quilt is to die for and I am so in love with all the patterns. The binding is pure happiness!

Anonymous said...

Homerun, ReRun!


Charlene said...

Beautiful Quilt Regs!!!!

Dana said...

Girl I wish I hd half the taletnt you have with a sewing machine! You are in the wrong business I think!