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Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's a hoot rag quilt

Well its the weekend..wow

what a shit ass week.... seriously a complete cluster F@#K

its all good...Im out for a 12 hour crop with Avril..clear me head!!

here's my latest quilt..I made this for no reason whatsoever...LOL just cause

I used Its a hott from momo for Moda..love the colours,prints..eeek
Actually my last rag quilt was momo too..hmmm.is there a theme here ??




It measures about 40x62.so its a good size

Well I think I'm actually gonna throw this on etsy since there is no real purpose for why I made it...bwhahahahaha

Thanks for peekin'


Kate's Life said...

Gorgeous Regan!!! Your quilts are amazing!

Anonymous said...

You just made that because...god, I am scared of a fuckin' pillow and you made this like that!!! (I snapped) bitch!!! My week was the same, god!!!! I plan to do NOTHING (ok, maybe a little cleaning) this weekend! Have fun croppin'!

Tracey said...

Sorry your week sucked Regs! Enjoy your crop today! Love your quilt! It is gorgeous!!

~amy~ said...

sorry about your week...but it's SATURDAY now so enjoy!!!!! Dude, you're putting that in your etsy?! I LOVE it!!!!

Rosanne said...

It s gorgeous!Hope your 12 hour crop today helped you get over your crappy week!

Carolyn Wolff said...

So, if a person was to want a quilt like this, how much would that be?