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Sunday, August 15, 2010

cloud 9...literally

hey y'all

I made this over a month ago and forgot all about posting it

My friend Charlene had a baby boy and I wanted to make her a quilt.

I got this amazing organic fabric from Cloud 9..its soooo soft

Ofcourse I did not have a pattern and I tried my hand at ruffles...they are OK...not perfect......
Im going to get myself a Ruffler foot...fo sho!
Thanks for peekin


Linda B said...


Avril Tanner said...

It is adorable!!

Maria Fiscella said...

be still my heart. I think I like this more than I like Mr. Northman.

Jeannie said...

Your quilt is amazing ... great work! j

Anonymous said...

Maria lies!!! She loved Jacob more than Eric! LOL Hey, I am going to get my 'fixing' reversed so I can get prego so you can make me a quilt ok!

Deanna said...

Dude, this should have been mine too!