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Thursday, April 28, 2011

fine feathered hair accessories

Hey there!!

Popping in with some more hair art..
these are for my girl Melissa who saw some at a store but refused to pay $60..I said I could do better..bwahahahaha


I even beaded this one my little old self...ha!


On a side note Water for Elephants was AMAZEBALLS!!!! So good and it kept pretty close to the book which was awesome!

Thanks for peekin'


Anonymous said...

Ok, those are freakin' awesome but the more important question was how was Edward in it?????

Rosanne said...

Very cool!

Shelley Sarina said...

I LOVE THOSE!!!!! God you are good woman! ;)

Shelley Sarina said...

I just realized your in Waterloo too - that's what I like to see - a good ol' Canadian girl like me :) I will just have to keep my eyes posted to your blog and etsy so I can buy something soon :) Cheers, S.

Deanna said...

These r gorge! Hey weren't we sharing those feathers fr scrapfest??