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Thursday, July 10, 2008


My awesomely tallented cyber friend MARIA tagged me so I will play along !!!!

So 7 weird facts about me... do I have to stop at 7 ? I am a whole bunch of weirdness people!!

1. I cannot drive standard- scares the CRAP out of me- I know, I know.

2. I have 2 children Isaak 14 and Lola 2 and have been married for 5 years in August.

3. I love rammy music like Marilyn Manson, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age- anything rammy and angry- makes me happy- is that twisted?
4. I like snakes and reptiles

5. I do not eat any seafood or fish- gross!

6. I am Irish, My hubby is Italian- my daughter will have one serious temper!!

7. I have a huge crush on Angelia Jolie- (blush)
Now I cant think of 7 other to link but- whoever wants to play- please do!!!

1 comment:

maria fiscella said...

thanks for playing along! my anniversary is in august, too. and i'm 1/2 irish and 1/2 italian. Lola will be absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself.