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Monday, June 27, 2011

New quilt...

So I finally finished the quilt I stated months ago...just was not feeling it...YKWIM?

Its a biggie- queen size- now on my bed!




The pattern is fool on the hill..now I am thinking another 4 letter F WORD --what a giant pain in the ass this was...trying to shove yards of fabric through my standard size machine...F-ME!!!

Mamma needs a long arm!

Hey- anybody else catch True Blood..HOLY SHIIIIT- loved it!!
Thanks for peekin!


Laurel said...

Gorgeous quilt!

~amy~ said...

WOWZA..love it...the colors are fabbie!!!

Rosanne said...

It turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!! Love the Fool on the Hill pattern and your colour scheme truly did it justice. We need to go threesies on a long arm. Quilt on, sister!


Charlene Austin said...

You crack me up. Um hello this is so fantastic. It had to be well worth the effort.

JOY said...

I remember saying those words when I quilted....I sooo wanted a long arm.
Your quilt is F---ing awesome....the colours your chose are perfect. Be proud.

Carolyn Wolff said...

Very nice. I can only imagine the work.

Steph said...

It might have been a long process but looks worth it in the end. Turned out awesome!

Deanna said...

I helped... lmao!