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Sunday, May 15, 2011


hmmmmmmm...not sure where it went???

well the yard sale was pretty good considering the weather sucked ass!

Last night my girlfriend came over and we crafted our asses off to get ready for her wedding

This is the ring bearer pillow I made.

I used a pinwheel pattern of sorts

note to self...Raw silk is not friendly..bwahahahah

and here is Tanya with one of the frames she is using for her tables

she is gonna KILL me for blogging this pic but I love it!!

Kinda reminiscent of romper room huh....

we also mamaded to complete her flower girl basket but I didnt get a pic of that one...

off to a baby shower!


Rosanne said...

Looks like you had fun crafting!

Deanna said...

Kewl girl!