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Thursday, August 14, 2008

some random cuteness

Here are some photos from last weekend, I have photographed any craft stuff in a couple days so I thought I'd just post these!! I am busy preparing for my holidays next week- can't wait!!

The top photo is my Lola making her best attempt at a scary face- she was growling at the time.
These little darlings are Dash and Petunia- these are my Mom's miniature Donkey's and they are just over a year old and full grown- they are so stinking cute and Lola just loves them!!!
This gorgeous lady is Cici- this is Lola's horse, she is a Paint and is just over a year old as well. She has stunning blue eyes but I did not get a very good photo cause she moves so darn fast.

I have lots more to post seeing that my Mom has a zoo at her house...haha she also has 5 more full size horses and a Miniature horse too ..eck, I know that is a alot of horses!!!


Greta Adams said...

ekkkkk love those pics you captured...great scrappin stuff my friend

maria fiscella said...

no way! Lola has her own horse! awesome.