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Monday, November 24, 2008


KATE tagged me the other day and since I am at home today- Lola's daycare cancelled today...damn sickness...lol

It is the season of snot!!!

Seven random facts...hmmm I am the QUEEN of random!!!!

1. I am allergic to shellfish...bleh plus it smell like ass so I probably wouldn't eat it anyway.

2. I am a natural blonde- keep the comments to yourself........DEE.....

3. I am 5'2"

4. I work for the Government...yes I actually do work and I LOVE my job!!!!!.

5. I love heavy rammy music.. Tool, Korn, Manson, Alexisonfire, Queens of the Stoneage

6. I am obsessed with all things VAMPIRE- see my earlier post..um..yeah.... that b0y makes my thighs shake!!

7. I wanted to be a lawyer..maybe I will be when I grow up!!!!

Now...I am not going to pass this along...I know I know- I am a rebel rule breaker but everyone I would tag seems to be tagged.......my bad!!


Tracey said...

I love these random facts and I totally laughed right out loud to number 1 and the smells like ass part. And not the LOL that you type on the computer - I had an actual laugh escape my lips!! Thanks for that!!

Kate's Life said...

Thanks for playing Regan! Sorry to hear about the daycare ( although it is kinda nice to be home too!)
I agree about the smell of shelfish!
Don't sweat for a moment not passing it along- you break all the rules you want!